Vegetarian Plus

Vegetarian Plus is the premier product line of
VegeUSA, an American corporation headquartered
in Monrovia, California.


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The growing trend toward meatless dining

One of the fastest growing segments for restaurants and food service is vegetarian. This trend has fostered the growth of many vegan specialty restaurants serving beautiful and delicious meatless dishes. But the real area of growth has been in the traditional restaurant setting. More consumers are starting to think of “meatless” as a cuisine category like Italian or Mexican. This becomes a truly viable option when chefs have the ability to create their own signature recipes with quality Vegan protein alternatives. Whether you are a Vegan specific or traditional restaurant you can take full advantage of this growing business opportunity with the comprehensive lineup of proteins available in the Vegetarian Plus food service program.

For over a decade and a half, we‘ve become a leader in the vegan and vegetarian food industry by carefully developing the taste and texture for each of our products. We begin with delicious and unique sauces, glazes and marinades that capture the unmistakable flavors from regions around the world. Our team of culinary experts routinely travel around the globe to source the finest ingredients and consult with the most accomplished chefs. We then match these flavors with our premium-quality vegan proteins to make the Vegetarian Plus brand different from any other meatless alternative.

We pay careful attention to texture and mouth feel. Our vegan meats keep their form, are easily marinated, and are very versatile. We have varieties of beef, chicken, lamb, pork and seafood which maintain the most distinctive characteristics of the proteins they emulate.

Our “in sauce,” items are designed to easily fit into your operations, we call them our Easy Serve Series. From Kung Pao Chicken to Lamb Vindaloo, these items are always ready to heat and serve. Our “no sauce” items demonstrate the breadth of our product line from vegan chicken strips and lamb chunks to vegan shrimp which are part of our Element Series. This line is perfect for the chef that wants to create their own recipe with our proteins.

Our products enjoy a long shelf life which allows you to keep them in freezer inventory and use them when they are needed. Our line needs only to be warmed, not cooked. They are ready when you are and always quickly prepared.

Authentic, delicious, and convenient. That’s Vegetarian Plus.